To provide expert employment-related resources to enable our clients to succeed.

To truly understand the nature of each client’s business operations in order to strategize and implement ways to improve recruiting and retention results.

To deliver excellent services in an unfailing fashion and build solid, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Most successful entrepreneurs start a venture to turn a vision into a reality—to do something at which they excel and enjoy the associated rewards. These people have imagination, vitality, and commitment. Outsourcing essential—but non-core—business matters just makes good sense to them.

Business owners are decision-makers who do not necessarily relish devoting their valuable time and energy to the administrative minutia that—like it or not—often goes along with managing an enterprise. The “people part” of a company can be the most time-consuming and frustrating aspect of keeping a business on track. Even if a company has full-time personnel specialists on board, they can be too busy coping with day-to-day issues to strategize or carry out special projects.

A team of seasoned experts to get—and keep—all employment matters on track. Deliver offsite, onsite, and telephone/email support on an as-needed basis. We are most proud of the practicality of our advice and recommendations. We provide RemarkAbleHR solutions!

The RemarkAbleHR team provides employment advice and resources to all types of enterprises – primarily serving companies from 5 to 300 employees: finding key personnel; advising on organizational matters; job specifications; pay; benefits; compensation; performance management; employee communications; best practices; and providing timely on-call guidance.

CEOs – CFOs – Controllers

Those who are responsible defacto for employment matters . . . but who realize that human resource management is NOT their primary area of expertise.
Anyone who is uneasy about being the “go to” person on all employment issues.

Need to find competent, reliable key personnel to manage or produce the kind or level of work now needed by the organization. We provide expertise in recruiting and selection to build the best team for the longer term while saving time and money.

Suspect that the policy manual is out of date or inadequate to serve type or size of the enterprise and/or that practices put company at risk for claims or law suits.

Know that the company has few accurate job descriptions; compensation is not being properly managed; salary actions are not calculated on a sound or regular basis; and/or there is confusion about paying overtime.

Have performance, disciplinary, or termination situations to address or need help with how performance is measured, reported, or rewarded, overall.

Feel that with access to on-call/as-needed employment advice, operations would be more productive and employees would be more motivated.

Need economical help with benefits planning, workers compensation, or payroll.

Are seeking help in disentangling from an employee leasing (PEO arrangement).