What Is So Remarkable?

RemarkAbleHR was founded by seasoned employment experts to ensure that client enterprises maximize the effectiveness of their human resources–and optimize the return on that significant investment. Through our team members and associates, we offer all kinds of employment-related advice and services for just about any type of industry. We utilize experienced human resource specialists to help our clients develop the best programs, policies, and practices to enable them to find and retain the best talent available; and we assist them to do that in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions: (click to open)

For general employment matters, RemarkAbleHR offers sensible advice at reasonable rates. Our goal is to build long-term relationships. We do not exaggerate situations or embellish projects in order to increase our fees. We want you to feel comfortable calling us for assistance whenever a potential problem arises or to help prevent difficulties from developing. We work with you to resolve issues at the lowest possible level of intrigue to ensure minimal upset to your operations. We then strategize how to prevent the possibility recurrence or related predicaments.

For recruiting assignments, most search firms fall into one of the following two categories:

#1 Contingency – You ask a number of search firms to see if they can find the type of candidate needed. The successful firm will be paid a percentage of the annualized first year’s compensation of the person hired. Most often this percentage ranges from 20% to 25%.
There are exceptions, but most contingency search firms use inexperienced sales-oriented amateurs who send you resumes found on the Internet in a frantic “race” to fill the job–and “win” the commission. How much genuine quality control do you believe is involved in this scenario? After all, taking care to ascertain that candidates sent to the client are well qualified will often result in losing the “race”–and the commission. Why take extra care to only present the best candidates?

#2 Retained – You assign the search exclusively to a search firm and pay a higher percentage of the estimated annualized first year’s compensation of the person hired. Most often, this percentage ranges from 25% to 30%–or more. In this case, the search firm collects 1/3 of the fee upon being assigned the search; 1/3 when a “short list” of candidates is submitted to the client; and 1/3 when the hire is made . . . if it is made. Regardless, the retained search firm has already collected 2/3 of 25% to 30% of the fee.
Retained search firms often use more qualified agents than contingency firms; but also normally take a much longer time to fill jobs assigned to them. They have a “locked in” deal; and there is normally no downside to them taking their time. There is also usually no guarantee that they will ever produce a short list or that a hire will be made. Most companies see retained search as a slow and expensive way to fill a job.

By assigning the search exclusively to RemarkAbleHR, you end up paying less than either of the above scenarios with a guarantee that we will fill your job to your complete satisfaction.
RemarkAbleHR works on an hourly basis. We guarantee in writing to fill any job assigned within a prescribed fee range (usually between 13% for low and mid-level jobs to a maximum of 20% for executive management positions). If you hire someone from another source or cancel the search, you only owe RemarkAbleHR for the time and materials already invested in that particular search.

We will continue working until the job is filled to your satisfaction. It is that simple. Another substantial difference between RemarkAbleHR and other search firms is that we also guarantee in writing that we will never contact a candidate placed with a client in order to place that same person with another client.

If the problem is reported to RemarkAbleHR within the first 90 days, RemarkAbleHR will replace that person within the original fee cap in the engagement letter. RemarkAbleHR will take a loss, if necessary, to make it right. We want you to think of RemarkAbleHR whenever a job opening occurs in your organization.

The RemarkAbleHR VALUE PROPOSITION includes:

QUALITY The RemarkAbleHR team is comprised of seasoned human resource experts. Many are senior certified human resource professionals. We use a tried and true process, perfected by us over the years. We customize that process to be most efficient and successful for each client. Quality controls are included in every step of the standardized RemarkAbleHR search process.

SERVICE We pride ourselves on our technical proficiency and client service orientation. We use our significant knowledge and creative energy to strategize how to most expeditiously find the best “fit” for the organization for every job assigned to RemarkAbleHR.

PRICE We guarantee to fill any job assigned to us to the complete satisfaction of our client within a specific fee range which is normally less expensive than our competitors.

Well, if your HR person is keeping up with all of his/her other employment responsibilities and filling the job openings that you have fast enough to suit you with great people, then you shouldn’t use external recruiting help. You’re all set.
But if you’re losing productivity, sales, or revenue due to a lack of talented resources on board when you need them, it would save you money and make you money to let RemarkAbleHR help you to fill key jobs.

I usually can find someone to hire through my friends and acquaintances, so why do I need recruiting help?

1. It is often good to get a personal referral; but does it always work out for you? Or do some jobs that you need filled remain open longer than you would like? I ask because using experts to help you to quickly find the precise talent that you need can be a real cost savings in the long run.

2. Your time is your most precious asset. If you are devoting it to recruiting, whose time is devoted to optimizing the success of your business?

There are things that you specialize in and at which you excel. RemarkAbleHR has experts who specialize in recruiting. We find talent quickly and cost effectively. Using experts can save you both time and money–plus, it means that you are using your time and expertise most wisely, too.

That’s a good question. RemarkAbleHR created a methodology based on how the most expert staffing specialists do the job and do it right. It includes all of the steps that the very best human resource experts in the world use to fill key openings, if they had the time to focus just on recruiting. You appreciate quality, so you will enjoy working with RemarkAbleHR. No shortcuts are taken. Guarantees are given. Long-term relationships are the goal.

Glad you asked! RemarkAbleHR offers recruiting outsourcing for companies with numerous jobs to fill. The economies of scale that result from working with one company to fill many jobs allows RemarkAbleHR to provide ongoing, on-call staffing services at lower rates than any other recruiting source you might use.

Plus the RemarkAbleHR recruiters are real experts at knowing what they need to be aware of to most effectively find you the best talent—locally or nationwide. They do it all the time for clients across the U.S.

We do not collect a “commission” on placements. Therefore, our salary offer recommendations can be trusted. We are direct and indirect compensation authorities who have represented the interests of companies in literally hundreds of hiring negotiations at all levels of management through the years.

We keep each client informed by submitting regular progress reports; and we ascertain that all of the steps that would normally be taken by any top-notch HR staff are completed prior to the new hire commencing his/her duties. The goal of RemarkAbleHR is to build long-term relationships with clients.

As we provide written guarantees to fill any job assigned within a prescribed fee range, you literally risk nothing by giving our staffing methodology a try. We will not disappoint you!