What We Do

RemarkAbleHR has formed a consortium of experts who offer outstanding services and sensible advice on all employment matters.

Finding the Best Talent
Using only seasoned recruiting professionals, we guarantee to fill every job exclusively assigned to us and to do so to the complete satisfaction of each client. We find, interview, and qualify job candidates for any level or type of position. As seasoned human resource experts, we apply our superior ability to find top talent with best hiring practices to ensure that whatever human resources are needed are found and hired in a timely and cost-effective fashion to optimize productivity and profitability.

Keeping the Best Talent
The RemarkAbleHR team also knows that holding on to good people can be challenging. We collaborate with businesses to ensure that these organizations not only successfully attract but also retain a talented, productive, and stable staff. We advise our clients on how to become “employers of choice”, enabling them to compete successfully in today’s challenging economy. We assess existing practices and make practical recommendations in areas such as:

  • Hiring and Selection Processes
  • Orientation Programs
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Communications with Employees
  • Performance/Discipline Management Systems
  • Leadership/Strategic Planning Resources
  • Cost-effective HR Outsourcing Solutions

We use our compensation expertise to advise on job specifications and pay levels in accordance with criteria and standards that have been established in conjunction with each client and his/her management team. We can assist our clients to establish salary grades, merit and incentive pay programs, competitive benefits strategies; and we can help to ensure compliance with FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) regulations. Through our HR Hotline, we also provide realistic on-call advice on best practices to resolve issues with the least amount of upset to the workplace.

What other RemarkAbleHR Services do we offer?
We can assist you to outsource all employment-related functions such as payroll, benefits of every kind, and legally compliant computerized employee recordkeeping. We can also refer you to outstanding leadership development specialists who can train and coach top management teams to shift their business success to the level that reinforces and strengthens whatever they choose: revenue, teamwork, balance, innovation, confidence, or simply having/displaying more passion for the business. And—last but not least—we can properly plan and conduct a reduction in force that is both legal and ethical. We are very effective at outplacing every staff level using programs that include orientation sessions, training, one-on-one coaching, and access to online resources.

We also augment full-time HR staff, when needed. We work with a wide variety of organizations and have helped many to get on track and stay positively positioned concerning human resource matters. We welcome each opportunity to help growing enterprises to thrive. Moreover, our engagement team will go beyond providing consulting services; they will be proactive with recommendations and provide immediate and ongoing support.
Our particular industry areas of expertise include:

  • Accounting/Tax/Audit
  • Advertising & Branding Enterprises
  • Consulting Services
  • Construction Companies
  • Consumer Products
  • e-commerce
  • Educational Institutions
  • Engineering/Architectural Firms
  • Financial Advisory/Planning Practices
  • Food Services
  • Health Care/Medical
  • Insurance Industry
  • Internet Advertising/Marketing
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Printing Services
  • Real Estate/Developers
  • Sales & Services Providers
  • Technology Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Industry

Don’t see your industry of interest above? No worries. Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to research any area of business and provide value to our clients and candidates effectively and expeditiously.