RemarkAble Recruiting

We are well known and respected for our unique client-centric recruiting model and high level of interaction and service. We use our customized hiring process to ensure that we match the best person with the assigned job. Our goal is to help put together positions and people which will be mutually beneficial and result in relationships that will most likely last for the longer term. You can depend on us to use the same care when filling any and all jobs that we are assigned.

We guarantee in writing to fill each job exclusively assigned to us and to do so within a fee cap that is lower than “commissions” charged by contingency firms and lower still than the fees charged by retained search firms. We pledge to be focused and expeditious while also being circumspect in matching the requirements of the job with the candidates who are most qualified and interested in the job our client has to offer at the rate our client wants to pay.

We also guarantee in writing never to solicit anyone placed by us for another company (which is something that other search firms have been known to do).

If our Process (below) seems lengthy, that is because hiring the right way to find employees who are more likely to succeed and stay on the job for the longer term, requires a superior process with knowledgeable people managing that process expertly. RemarkAbleHR is willing to do the hard work necessary to help you achieve your hiring and retention goals; and no other search entity has more expertise to apply on your behalf.

Step 1: We start by obtaining all of the details on the position. If we are not familiar with our client’s business, we interview the client and complete an in-depth “Position Profile” form. This step ensures that we thoroughly understand the nature of the client’s operations and the real purpose of the job that must be filled.

Step 2: Based on the client’s job description, we will develop job specifications as well as information regarding compensation, work environment, work hours, travel required, benefits, and any other pertinent aspects of the job. We also gather personality and behavioral traits that are being sought. In this way, we can best represent the Company’s interests most seamlessly and ensure that there are no surprises to job candidates or vice versa.

Step 3: We use our expertise and/or conduct research to develop a search strategy to find the particular type and level of talent needed for each job and each location. Our goal is to expedite successful sourcing and ensure that hiring goals are met to the complete satisfaction of our client and that candidates’ career objectives are realized, too.

Tactics may include job posting(s), social media contact, print ads, and/or proactively pursuing candidates through our industry contacts or those of our client’s, data mining, and contacting individuals in similar organizations/industries to maximize our chances of most expeditiously finding qualified, interested contenders. Often job candidates contact us; and we keep their information on file in our database from which we extract likely candidates, when appropriate, as well.

Step 4: We review all resumes obtained by us and conduct extremely thorough standardized phone interviews on candidates whose resumes indicate that they meet all of the qualifications of the job. These phone interviews also gather information on employability factors such as the reason the individual is on the job market–and is it logical and acceptable–the commute—and is it reasonable–the work record and compensation history, etc.

Step 5: We are experts in testing and assessing for the hiring process and will be happy to advise clients about online testing and/or assessing of candidates. For example, skills testing makes good sense for many administrative and technical jobs and we have over 800 validated tests from which we select. Aptitude and personality assessments can provide invaluable objective information on professional/management/executive candidates.

Step 6: Presentation of finalists – We will notify clients of the best qualified candidates by providing detailed storyboards, explaining the candidate’s employability and “fit” for the job and the outcomes of any testing used.

Prompt, comprehensive feedback from our client concerning potential finalists helps us to remain effective by responding to candidates in a timely fashion with meaningful progress reports. We can only do the best job for our clients by knowing if we are producing candidates that are attractive to them. In addition, we want our clients to attain the status of “employer of choice” whenever possible. Treating candidates with respect is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Our job candidates know and appreciate this aspect of our values.

During this step, we also provide spreadsheets every few days showing the status of qualified candidates and the current compensation package/desired compensation package for each.

Step 7: The client phone interviews or interviews potential finalists. We are happy to provide a phone screening or standardized interview form and selection worksheet to clients to ensure that their interviews go most smoothly and are most effective.

Step 8: Offer: Once the person is chosen, most of our clients appreciate us being the interface on the offer; especially if/when negotiations are involved. We use the most accurate market data. Our goal is to help clients to attract and retain the best talent for the longer term. As compensation experts, our recommendations can be trusted by both clients and candidates.

Step 9: Concluding Process: We also offer ancillary services such as legally compliant documents (application forms, offer letters, employment contracts, and a non-disclosure/ confidentiality/IP agreement). We are happy to conduct reference checks and provide access to dependable background investigation and drug screening services, too.